History of Claude & Michel Winterberg Production

Claude and Michel Winterberg first began to experiment with analogue synthesizers (Korg MS-20), multi-effects (Zoom-9030) and the Computer (Atari 1040STF) in 1991. At that time they were inspired by the growing trance, techno and jungle scene that developed around party locations such as the Planet E in Basel. In 1995 they
got to play at the "Future Bass Junkies" paries at Bell in Basel, and also on the Gugelmann-Areal in Roggwil. As “WOB” (Way of Budda) the two brothers began performing ambient music and went on to play at Belluard Bollwerk International in Fribourg and the Dreispitz-Areal in Basel.
In 1996 they released two vinyl maxi singles on GO:SU Rec. (CH) and were featured on two compilation CD’s by Distance Rec. (F). Since trance somehow had entered a one-way street, and began was reduced to “duti-duti”, the two brothers decided to move on, found and embraced psy trance, and by 1998 had founded "Beyond Third Spring". Under this new moniker Claude and Michel released various numbers of maxi vinyls, compilation and albums CD's. They felt really wanted to perform live again.

Claude and Michel have composed a new "Beyond Third Spring" live set, including a didgeridoo (Michel Winterberg), which they are keen on performing it at parties everywhere. In the past they incorporates more traditional instruments such as viola d’amore (Tobias Huber, 1001 Ways), and flute/djembè (Flo Manetsch).

Besides that, they are working on projects going towards chillout, techno and minimal...

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Working Place, 2003
WinterMountain Videoclip